The perfect companion to provide structure to your coaching program.

Building a coaching practice while going through coach training is already overwhelming. Forget trying to figure out the structure of the program you want to offer your clients.

Let me make it easier for you.

The Examined Life Workbook is the perfect companion your clients need to help them uncover their true selves.

I've taken my years of experience in education and as a coach


to take your clients on a bold journey toward knowing themselves first through activities, tools, and resources that get their brain working in new and different ways.

After completing the workbook, not only will your client have examined the life they're currently living, but they'll also explore who they want to become and have an actionable plan for how to connect the two.

 10% of all profits from the sales of this book are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association. If you'd like to support the ABTA without purchasing the workbook, click on the ABTA tab above to donate now.

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"It’s incredibly eye opening and practice for making simple yet impactful changes immediately which lead up to huge results in the long run."

-T.R. Raven

"I will definitely be using this workbook as I coach others. The intention and thoughtfulness behind the structure is great. Starting with a focus on what brought you to crack open that book, and coming up with a plan/goals to complete it really sets the intention before even beginning anything. Then, you move to who you are today to better understand and audit your live before moving to the final stages of future orientation and finally action."


5% discount

"Organized into meaningful and manageable bite-sized activities that simultaneously challenge and encourage you to become more self aware and grow as a human."


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