Building a coaching practice can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Let me be in your corner supporting you, challenging you to dream bigger, and sharing all the lessons I learned along my journey.


  • Target Your Audience

  • Clarify Your Brand

  • Name Your Business

  • Develop Your Offer

  • Map Your Client Journey

  • Design Your Enrollment Process

  • Create a Basic Website

  • Identify Your Power Partners


  • Announce Your Launch

  • Start Your Email List

  • Develop Workshops

  • Design Your Introductory Session

  • Create Business Systems

  • Activate Your Power Partners

  • Find Your Initial Clients

  • Create a Feedback Loop


  • Expand Your Vision

  • Solidify Your Business Plan

  • Develop Email Sequencing and Automation

  • Broaden Your Website

  • Expand Your Offering

  • Focus Your Client Journey

  • Go Beyond Your Immediate Network

A Few Things We Can Work On Together

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My consulting package includes...​​

  • One (1) 30-minute design session to discuss your goals and develop a plan of attack

  • Six (6) 1-hour consulting sessions focused on one of the phases above

  • Access to all the business building resources I have at my finger tips

  • Support between sessions via email, text, or Whatsapp

Two payment options:

  • Pay in full for $900

  • 3 monthly installments of $300 each

(because I don't punish folks who can't pay in full)

Are you ready to bet on yourself?

"I wasn't sure that I would want to be a business owner when we first started working together, but now I feel much more confident in my abilities and know that I am a business owner."

-Amanda, Texas (USA)

One-Day Intensive

Get my undivided attention for five hours for either a deep dive on one aspect of your business or a broad brush of your entire business. Some ways you can use this time are for...

  • feedback on a program

  • real-time work on a project

  • hands-on website consulting

The sky is the limit here. We'll start with a 30-minute Design Session to identify what you want to accomplish, so we can maximize the day.

Two payment options:

  • Pay in full for $1100

  • 50% deposit, followed by 50% payment before intensive

(because I don't punish folks who can't pay in full)

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"I love Bri's frankness and the way she never judges what I think are tiresome questions. I also love that this is mostly directive and mentoring with elements of coaching."

-Sarah, California (USA)

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Mentor Coaching

For coaches who are completing their ICF credentialing process, mentor coaching is one of the requirements. Having completed the PCC Marker training that the ICF offers, I'm thrilled to offer mentor coaching to support coaches-in-training. This includes...

  • One (1) 30-minute Design Session to discuss your goals (not part of your mentor hours)

  • Three (3) one-hour mentor sessions

  • Real-time feedback on your coaching skills

Two payment options:

  • Pay in full for $450

  • 2 monthly installments of $225 each

(because I don't punish folks who can't pay in full)

"As my mentor coach, she sensitively and capably 'peeled back the layers” of situations with me, and added unique and helpful perspectives on my coaching behaviors and my client’s engagement and progress. Bri was clearly invested in my growth and helped me achieve outcomes that mattered to me.'

-Mary, Minnesota (USA)